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m. j. moore & associates is a boutique Talent Access studio, that offers highly nuanced, custom executive search and career development solutions for each of our client companies and candidates.

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We have played an integral part in the creation of some of the most successful Health/Med Tech startups of the past two decades. Having fueled countless clients to BLOCKBUSTER financial exits, including several $1B+ acquisitions…we believe our results speak for themselves. We are well informed subject matter experts in these verticals, with deep knowledge of the Digital Health market. This intentional focus allows us to provide cutting edge solutions for our partner clients & candidates alike.

how do we do it?

That is simple ...
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Unique targets

When it comes to building high performing teams and successful careers, no two projects are the same, right? So how could a search firm have one approach that consistently exceeds client & candidate expectations? We do not believe that is possible.

Custom approach

We create a highly customized, digital centric, consulting based solution for each project we engage on. At its most elemental state, this business is about telling stories. In a sense, we write a new book, cover to cover for each project. It’s tricky, fun…and most importantly, highly effective. Want to know more? Let’s schedule some time to chat!

Client Partners.

Below is a select list of past and current clients we have had the privilege of partnering with over the past two decades.


Abiomed (NASDAQ: ABMD) After pivoting from their initial focus of Left Ventricular Assist Devices’s and attempting to develop an artificial heart…Abiomed created a new class of groundbreaking medical technology that provides circulatory and oxygenation support for patients experiencing a several different cardiac afflictions.

AGA Medical

AGA Medical was one of the early pioneers of the now red hot Structural Heart sector, and marketed a full portfolio of Amplatzer® occluder devices for the treatment of septal & vascular defects. They were acquired by St. Jude Medical (now Abbott) in 2010 for $1.3B.

Alto Pharmacy

Alto Pharmacy – is a cutting edge SAAS Health Tech company that is leading the revolution that is currently occurring in the pharmacy delivery space. Alto has raised $375M thus far from the who’s who of Venture Capital companies(SoftBank etc.), and is experiencing unparalleled growth nationwide.

Bolton Medical

Bolton Medical was a wholly owned subsidiary of Werfen, a Spain based Med Tech firm, and developed next level AAA & Thoracic endovascular stent grafts. After achieving FDA approval for their Relay® Thoracic stent graft in 2012, Bolton executed their US commercial launch with great success. The company was ultimately acquired by Terumo in March of 2017, just one month prior to garnering FDA approval for their TREO® AAA stent graft.


CardioFocus specializes in providing electrophysiologists with innovative and effective tools that bring new levels of precision and control to the treatment of atrial fibrillation. Their ground-breaking HeartLight® Endoscopic Ablation System allows physicians to directly visualize anatomies intra-procedure, precisely target the application of laser energy, and deliver durable pulmonary vein isolation


Ceribell is a venture-backed medical device start-up company founded in 2014 by two faculty members at Stanford University, who were frustrated at the conventional EEG systems. They developed CLARITY, an AI powered rapid response EEG system that comes in the form of a wearable headband. Within minutes of application, the system allows individuals with no prior background in EEG to detect and rule-out seizures with remarkable accuracy.


DocMatter, the first of its kind, an internet-enabled and human-supported collaboration platform, built by and for physicians to bring the structure of in-person learning online. DocMatter is much more than a social network. It is an online “Digital Community”, that provides a transparent environment where physicians and medical professionals share information, techniques, and experiences freely amongst their peers, all in the hopes of improving outcomes and enhancing care.

FoxHollow Technologies

FoxHollow Technologies, and their minimally invasive SilverHawk® Plaque Excision catheter completely revolutionized how Interventional Radiologists, Interventional Cardiologists, and Vascular surgeons treated Peripheral Vascular disease in the leg. FoxHollow enjoyed a ridiculously successful IPO in 2004, and was eventually purchased by EV3 for $780M in 2008.


Founded in Sweden in 2012, IRRAS is focused on designing, developing, and commercializing innovative solutions that transform fluid management after surgical procedures where drainage is required. Their revolutionary IRRAflow® product is the first IntraCranial Pressure technology in the world that can drain, flush & monitor simultaneously.


Itamar is a medical device company focused on leading the integration of Sleep Apnea management into the cardiac patient care pathway. Their artificial intelligence powered wearable technologies and associated software systems have pioneered new frontiers in sleep apnea management for both patients and healthcare professionals.


With breakthrough Multisonic Ultracleaning® technology, Sonendo® is completely disrupting the age old standards of care in endodontics and dentistry. By introducing broad spectrum acoustic technology and reducing doctors’ reliance on standard instrumentation, Sonendo is saving teeth, transforming dentistry and changing patients’ lives.


Topera’s 3D mapping system, including the RhythmView workstation and FIRMap diagnostic catheter uses electrical signals, captured by a multipolar electrophysiology catheter, and creates a 3D image that can more accurately map cardiac arrhythmias. Their unconventional approach challenged the status quo in physician’s mission to diagnose and treat Afib. Topera was acquired in 2014 by Abbott for $250M.


Mike Moore


Mike has been working in Health/Med Tech since 1999, and recruiting in these verticals since 2005. Prior to his work in executive search, Mike worked in the commercial teams for both Johnson & Johnson & Medtronic. Eventually, he followed his passion for connecting people and solving organizational challenges, thus creating M. J. Moore & Associates, Inc. in 2005.

Mike is a trusted advisor to many of the most powerful and impactful Healthcare mavens worldwide. His executive search practice is heavily indexed towards start up Digital Health (SAAS/SAMD, AI/Machine Learning, Wearables, etc.) companies whose revolutionary technologies are poised to change the landscape of healthcare.

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